Friday, September 9, 2011

Last Night I Dreamt I was staying in a very strange house that was apparently haunted. There was a team of young men and women who either had superhuman powers, or were just very knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with ghosts. Their job was to protect the rest of us.
Everything in the house was normal until 7pm each night, when the team would spring into action. I was in a room when 7pm struck. The team came along yelling at me to “Get out, get out!” But I was too late…as I ran to the door it slammed violently shut in my face. I was terrified, trapped in the dark room, but the team managed to get the door open. Light was a very important factor, and we all had to stay in the light and keep away from the shadows.
I remember seeing my first ghost. It began as a bluish, translucent mist, but as it floated toward me, it took the shape of a cardboard mailing box (complete with postage stamps). The whole thing was see-through and blue-gray; it looked almost like an x-ray. As it floated by, I raised my hands and announced, “Ladies and gentleman, it’s official…I’ve just seen my first ghost!” The team was not amused. They told me to stay quiet and not anger the ghosts.
I remember two of the team members clearly; one an African man who spoke a language I didn’t know. I was able to figure out what he was saying, though, as I recognized the word for ‘seven’, and therefore knew he was talking about the all-important hour of 7pm. I also remember a blonde woman with a ponytail, who had blue eyes that were small and close together. She had one leg shorter than the other, and wore a special, raised shoe to even them out.

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