Monday, May 25, 2009

Last Night I Dreamt that a 'friend' (not someone that I actually know in the real world) had decided to commit suicide. Before doing so, he had divided up his savings and mailed a share to each of his friends in a little plastic container. I recall counting the money and finding that it was around two and a half thousand pounds. Most of it was in 59 pound notes which is odd because, of course, these do not exist...

As I was counting the money, I kept being interrupted by an unwanted visitor who was letting herself in through my front door with a set of keys. Afraid she was after my newly acquired cash, I ended up snatching her purse and confiscating the keys she held to my apartment.

The rest is somewhat blurry, but I do remember moments of panic on the upper floors of a crumbling high-rise, and an elevator plummeting at breakneck speed.

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