Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Night I Dreamt that I was in the gym, lacing up my sneakers. One had white laces, the other black laces that were far too long. Every time I tied up the black laces, I would look down seconds later and see that they had become untied. I decided to tell a friend, to confirm that it wasn't all in my head. I tied the black lace, and when we checked on it after a moment, the laces had completely disappeared...
After that, all hell broke loose. Bizarre things started to happen. I remember seeing a severed head rolling down a staircase, and hearing it thump...thump...thump. Then the floor of the gym became a projection screen, where a video played featuring a strange man with spiral shaped eyeballs and a crimson face. He was preaching loudly, to anyone who would listen, about morals and about sin.
As my friends and I cowered in the corridors, I realized that none of this was real. When I saw a producer in a headset, directing the whole scene!

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