Friday, September 18, 2009

Last Night I Dreamt I was in a really creepy, old mansion. It was so big a person could get lost in it. The whole interior was done in beautiful, dark wood. There were some strange, round, wooden structures with holes in the top. Someone was telling me that water came out of the holes, and that they were drinking fountains for the frogs! Apparently, the place was also haunted. There were lots of people there, and they were all seeing a male ghost. I was sad because I was the only person there who couldn't see him. Then I remembered that, even though I couldn't see the male ghost, I had seen two other ghosts; a woman and a young girl. I just hadn’t realize that they were ghosts at the time I’d seen them. The woman ghost had a bright yellow face, and the child ghost wore a pink dress. I wanted to look for them again, but I was warned not to go, because somebody said that because the woman ghost had a bright yellow face, that meant she was evil. I ignored the warnings, and went to find the ghosts. I was able to get photographs of both of them.


  1. We probably share the same interest.. Nice to know someone like you..

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my blog!